Your customer’s security guard could be earning more than you!


During one of my sales calls, I had come across an old man who looked to be around 70 years.

He was doubling up as a receptionist and a security guard. (More about the inappropriateness of having an old man as the security guard later).

I started chatting with him.

He had a distinguished personality, cultured dialect and had lived a full life.

The following were the highlights of the conversation:

a) His mother was a Englishwoman! (What are the chances?) She never went back to England after meeting his father.
b) He had served in the armed forces for a few years.
c) He had three houses. In Mumbai. Had put up a couple of them on rent.

Ok. What!? Did I read properly?

Oh yes you did.

Three houses, In Mumbai. The rent from those two houses was adding up to his salary.

His total income. I must say. Was more than that of many people, with a post graduate degree, earn.

 This got me thinking.

What if I was a banker. Or an agent selling mutual funds. Or a stock broker. Or even a real estate agent.

This man would be a prospect!

And I am sure there are many like him.

What are marketers or sales people doing to reach out to this audience? Forget about reaching out. Do they even speak with such people properly?

So be like Death.


Because death treats everyone equally.
And that is why death gets treated well!
To understand, please read this story.

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