Why is it important for your prospect to say NO than a Yes

(Source: http://www.blogging4jobs.com/business/the-girl-who-cant-say-no/)
Ever floundered with that prospect who had promised business many months ago?
However every time you follow up, these are the responses you get:
a) Still awaiting approval from a department/superior
b) Needs some more time to analyze and compare with other proposals
c) Been busy with other projects
d) This has been put on a back burner 
And my personal favorite:
e) Will begin next month
Various research studies have confirmed that it is very difficult for people to say no.
One of them talks about ‘avoiding conflict’ being a reason to not say no.
And there are several other reasons.
A sales person needs to manage time very well.
Here is what happens when a prospect doesn’t say yes:
a) Sales person will keep chasing that prospect who has promised a big order but ignore the smaller ones who are willing to begin soon
b) Salesperson’s time gets wasted
c) Salesperson’s resources get wasted
d) With every meeting Salesperson’s size of dejection keeps increasing 
There is no point in wasting 80% of one’s time in chasing these prospects who have promised huge business but haven’t said yes.
Here is a simple way to cross them off your pipeline.
While questioning your prospect, here is an important question to ask:
  •  If  we come on board, will you begin working with us within the next 3 weeks? (This is assuming that 3 weeks is your sales cycle and is also an industry standard for the prospect’s purchase cycle)
That is it.
Try doing this and see how your pipeline gets filled with those who want to begin working with you right away.
You will start closing deals soon!
Therefore, sometimes, no in sales is more important than a yes!

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