Who has? & How many?

Do we know how many Indian users are there on various social networking sites?

(Source: http://tinyurl.com/o43al3p)



Quite a bit!
Ummm ok….

How about some numbers then?

Let us begin with Twitter!
According to this article, Twitter will have 18.1 million Indian users by end of 2014.
This means they have 1.8 crore Indian handles.
By the end of this year, Twitter will have 220+ million users.
Which means close to 10% are Indian users.
India has the third largest user base for Twitter.

Facebook recently crossed 100 million Indian users.
84 million users access their account by phone.
In 2010, FB had 8 million Indian users.
92 million users were added in 4 years.
This means FB added 2.5 lakh Indian accounts every day in the last four years!
India has the second largest user base for FB

Linkedin has 26 million Indian users.
It accounts for 8% of the global user base
43% of its traffic in India comes from Mobile devices.
India has the second largest user base for Linkedin

So summarizing this would mean:

FB – 10 crore Indians

Linkedin – 2.6 crore Indians

Twitter: 1.8 crore Indians

Hope this helps while throwing numbers in your conversations 🙂

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