Want to know about 6 powerful skills that can help you succeed in sales? Here they are!

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Are you a budding sales person?

Or one of those rare young ones who is contemplating a career in sales?

These are must have skills which will help you grow exponentially:


During a conversation with a prospect, a good sales person will listen most of the time. Listening intently will answer many questions that one might have. Let us face it. Nobody likes to be encountered by a motor mouth. We all like to be listened to. This is a basic human trait! So you may or may not be listening to your partner, but do listen to your prospect/client 😛


Don’t be afraid of asking questions. Why do you need this? What is your expectation? Have you tried a similar product/service earlier? What is your budget? The more questions you ask, the more you will get closer to closing the sale.


You will be surprised to know that many salespeople don’t approach this part at all! The first two skills coupled with your knowledge should help you present a strong case about return on investment (ROI) to your prospect.
Even when you buy a phone for Rs 5000, you are evaluating several questions. How long will the phone last? What are the features? What can other phones give me at that price point? What will I get if I spend Rs 2000 extra to buy an expensive phone?
So how can you expect a prospect to spend Rs 1 million per year on your product/service without getting clear answers?


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Read! As much as you can! Whatever you can.

I would recommend reading this article published in Mint today.


Share credible information. That is the best way to receive credible information. Share information with your colleagues, competitors, customers and prospects. Help them out. You will be surprised about how many good things come back to you!

Handling objection:

What if a prospect says no? You can read this

Try them out. And do let me know whether these helped!

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