Visiting India? Here are some useful Indian websites

According to analytics provided by Blogger and Google Analytics, almost half of my blog’s visitors come from outside India. US internet users form the second largest group of visitors to my blog.


Therefore I thought of writing an article for my readers from outside India.

This article is about websites that would be useful for foreigners who are either in India or are planning to visit India.

Useful Indian websites:

a) Gone are the days of haggling with uncouth cabbies, being worried about safety and having a terrible riding experience. There are several private cab services in India today who provide world class service. My personal favourite is Ola Cabs. Apart from Ola Cabs one can also check out Meru and Tab Cab. However Meru and Ola Cabs are widely spread across the country. Even Uber has entered India but the feedback so far has been discouraging.

b) Planning to be adventurous and try out that Tandoori Pomfret in Hotel Sea Food International? Well, read the reviews on before doing that!

c) Want to shortlist and book a good hotel to stay in India? I would go for Other websites are, and I would recommend as it is quite easy to use and they dont pester you later with promotional phone calls.

d) Broke your phone while riding your bike on the streets of Panjim? Fear not. Just order from or even Apart from mobile phones, you can order several other items from these websites.

e) Bought that treadmill as you were planning to stay in India for 2 years. However due to some emergency, you have to leave the country within 4 weeks. Fear not. You can quickly get a buyer for your treadmill on or

f) Feeling ill after eating that Tandoori Pomfret? Want to visit a doctor? Don’t know which doctor might be the right one to visit? Heck! Don’t know where can you find a doctor? Practo will help you!

g) Times of India: Will let you know what is happening in India. You must also read The Hindu, Telegraph and The Hindustan Times.

h) Interested in Indian stock markets? Because the entire world surely seems interested!

i) To buy a Sim Card: Read this detailed article about a foreigner’s experience of buying pre paid sim cards in India.

j) One of the very few internet technology companies in India to get listed, Justdial is a fantastic online classifieds. A random need such as Phone number of a towing service in Matunga in Mumbai can be fulfilled through I would rate their service as excellent!

k) Planning to buy or rent out an accommodation? Apart from 99acres, there is as well!

l) IRCTC: Last but not the least. Brave enough to experience the real India by travelling in a train? And braver to book tickets through IRCTC? Well, this will not only test your courage but also your patience! 🙂

I have included as many websites as I could.

Do let me know if you are looking for something specific and I will be more than willing to help!

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