Useful tips for sales newbies

A salesperson is the lifeline of any business.
Some of these behavioral traits take years of experience to learn and more importantly – practice.

However the sooner they are implemented, the faster is your progress.

Here are some tips:

a) Be on time Or Inform the your prospect/client that you will be late –

Ahh yes.. Germans, North Americans, Japanese and individuals of most other nationalities are always on time. However most of us Indians are yet to adopt this way of life wholeheartedly. And what if you are a resident of Mumbai? You are almost, always late! Even though you may be rushing all the time.

Well coming back to title – try as much as possible to be on time. Prioritize your work, set your watch half an hour in advance and do not procrastinate. If all these fail, inform the other party that you will be late and therefore are giving them an option of rescheduling the meeting. There are two benefits – You will avoid stress and your prospect’s time would not be wasted.

b) Always share minutes of the meeting with all the appropriate participants –

‘The faintest ink lasts longer than the sharpest memory’
Got the point?

Apart from ensuring none of the points are missed there is another advantage.
Imagine that the decision maker is absent in the meeting and you are meeting his minions.
Either because of Chinese whispers or unscrupulous behavior, your message is not delivered in its original form to their master.
Your entire case would be defeated!


Document everything and let everyone know what happened!

c)  Don’t put all your eggs in one basket


I know. It is inappropriate. But couldn’t help it!

Okay, here is the one:

Most important message for a salesperson.

Even if you know the CEO/Founder/Director/Decision maker of the company, you must try to know more people. This has the following benefits:

  • People move. If they like you, they will remember you. They will call you. They might give you business. Result – You create a strong network.
  • You would get different perspectives. Suppose ten different people in the same company refuse to buy your product. And each gives a different reason. This is nothing but market research gold mine. If the feedback is genuine you would get great insights on your product, competitors and real needs.
  • Read the last few words of the image? ..said basket has a hole. What if the person you are talking to has integrity issues? Is being bribed by a competitor. Hence keeps saying no to you..
So what are you waiting for?

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