Phoneswappr – Transfer contacts from one phone to another!

This is undoubtedly a great app!

They managed to identify a common yet difficult problem and offered a simple solution for it.

What am I talking about?

Remember the pressing thought in your mind whenever you get a new phone?

Although you are excited you are also dreading that you might end up losing a few contacts while trying to migrate them from your incumbent phone to your new and swanky device.

But this puts an end to your misery.

You can also install it from here.

Here are the top things I like about Phoneswappr:

a) Easy to install.
b) No ads
c) Very efficient. I could use this to transfer my contacts in a matter of five minutes.
d) Platform independent. Doesn’t matter if your old phone is a Blackberry and your new phone is an I Phone. This works across operating platforms.

How does it work?

a) Download the app into your old phone.
b) The app enables you to upload your contacts into their secure cloud. (The contacts will be available on the cloud only for seven days after you upload it. So better download them into your new phone quickly!)
c) After you upload your contacts, you get a pass code
d) Download the app in your new phone
e) Insert the pass code
f) Download the contacts into your new phone

That is it!

And not even one contact is missed or garbled.

Even the Bat agrees!

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