One way to massively improve your productivity at work


Do you forget that meetings or calls were scheduled?
Do you find yourself over worked?
Do you find it difficult to quantify your efforts to your colleagues and bosses?
Do you find yourself in a blind spot at work? Not knowing what to do next?
Do you find yourself saying ‘I dont know what I might do in the next few hours, how can you ask me whether I would be free on Friday afternoon’?
Do you find it easy to procrastinate because feel that you have only a couple of things to do today?

If your answer to any of these questions is a yes, then chances are you do not maintain a To-Do List.


A simple way to exponentially improve your productivity at work is to maintain a To-Do list

A To-Do list can be maintained in a diary or through an app

It will help you in the following ways:

a) Plan ahead: You will always be planning ahead. This will soon become a way of life. It will not only improve your professional life but also enhance your life skills.

b) Sense of accomplishment: A to do list will force you to write down what you need to complete. Once you complete a task, just put up a tick mark sign () next to it. At the end of the day, when you see that you have completed twenty tasks, it will give you a huge sense of achievement and motivate you to work harder.

c) In Control: You will always be in control of your schedule. You will find your self using your time efficiently. And most importantly, you will find the courage to say NO.

d) Appreciation: You will be surprised to know that several people report late for meetings, forget to get back on their deliverables and are mostly clueless about what to do next. A To-Do list will transform you into a professional who respects time and people. This will certainly get you appreciation and rewards.


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