Is RMI Really the Game Changer for Millennials?

One thing that metro cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, etc. offer are the ample amount of opportunities to the business as well as the salaried classes. This is one of the primary reasons why working professionals opt for relocation since they can groom their career and create a realistic roadmap for their future. However, as it is mentioned in the movie Spiderman – ‘With great power, comes great responsibility‘, your lifestyle, demands, hobbies, etc. also change once you realize that there would be more money at the end of the month in your bank account. 🙂 Hence, as an individual, you need to be responsible for your spending and ensure that these rising expenses have minimal or no impact on your savings.


During the good old days, Indians, even in the metro cities, had fewer demands as well as options to spend money. There were no malls, multiplexes, gaming arenas, etc. due to which they were able to make a decent living even with less salary. Whereas in the current scenario, you can splurge a good amount of money just by doing shopping on any of the e-commerce websites. In fact, owning a prized possession like flat, car, bikes, etc. was a big dream in the early 2000’s, but now, you can buy any of these products by doing a down-payment, with the rest of the money being paid in EMI. Many working-class professionals have minimal savings since their life is completely reliant on EMI that they need to pay for depreciating assets like cars, bikes, etc. The millennial generation has to make a very conscious decision on what they want to own and what they want to rent.


Gone are the days where you had to tone down your dreams to own your favourite bike, car or even furniture. This is possible by not ‘buying’ them but ‘renting’ these prized possessions. Working class people opt for relocation to a different city in case they find better opportunities. Before relocation, they have to go through the pain of selling their house/car/bike/any other item since the relocation expenses would add up in case they plan to take their car/bike/furniture to the other city.


Why invest a huge amount of money to buy furniture, appliances or bikes, when you can rent them and pay only for the time you use them. The other advantage of renting them out is that you can get rid of them in case you are not satisfied. There is a constant debate on ‘buy v/s rent’, but an individual has to decide on what items they want to own and what they want on rent. Due to these advantages, more and more people prefer the #SubscriptionLifestyle since they can #SmartlyOwn their dream bike/car/electronic appliances without burning a hole in their pocket.



With the wider penetration of internet and greater adoption of smartphones, startups, as well as organized corporations, are working on solutions to solve real-life problems. RentoMojo, a rental app in India, lets you rent furniture, rent bikes, rent appliances or any other item required in setting up your home. You can now bid goodbye to all the hassles since with RentoMojo, you can now have your home furnished within 24~72 hours. You can browse through their product portfolio and rent furniture/rent bike/rent car without having to step out from your home. 🙂 With RentoMojo, you can bid adieu to the boredom of looking at the same thing since you can now give your home a fresh new look by selecting the best plan that suits your needs.

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When we talk about any commodity, its price reduces with each passing day, but with RentoMojo, you get more by paying less through RMI. With RMI, you can cancel the contract with RentoMojo at any time, with no significant cost. Customers can opt for different tenures starting at three months, and unlike other commodities (whose prices fall with more usage), RentoMojo customers pay less, the more they use their products.


The major advantage of RMI is that you can swap your furniture after 18 months and give your home a completely new look. RentoMojo also offers relocation as well as maintenance services at zero to minimal cost, thus ensuring that the extra expenses are kept to the bare minimum. They also provide annual cleaning, inspection, maintenance services to its customers thereby ensuring that the exceptional quality of the products is maintained even after usage.


In a nutshell, though EMI seems easy on the wallet, it results in long-term debt. On the other hand, RMI from RentoMojo provides the flexibility to the millennial consumers where they pay for the number of months they use the product and also get benefited for being a loyal customer!

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