How to waste a sales person’s day?

What should a sales person be doing?

Chatting with his colleagues?

Analyse reports?

Lounge in an A/C office?

Discuss ‘strategy’ with his bosses?

Boss around the techies?
Ummm…sometimes…but not so much! 😛

Attending sales calls?

I feel that a salesperson should be just meeting clients and prospects.
And doing nothing else.
At least 2 meetings a day if not more (assuming there are 50-100 clients and prospects).

Unfortunately in many organizations a salesperson manages just 3 meetings a week. 
Can you imagine what a big failure is that?

Anyway, this post is about the different ways of wasting a sales person’s day.
Here are a few:
Ad hoc reports
A salesperson is randomly asked to share ad hoc reports. Some of these reports might take an hour or two of one’s working hours. This is criminal!
Various departments in different companies would point this reason out as the most efficient way to kill time!
Salespersons are asked to participate in needless reviews.
These reviews also hurt morale and fritter away money 

Lack of a CRM system:
One may find it ironical that companies that aggressively depend on sales do not invest in a CRM system. Not even a basic one! This results in various departments bothering the sales person to ask for client details again and again. 
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