Edelweiss GPS – Giving direction to your investment strategy

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is supposed to have remarked – ‘True genius lies in simplicity’.
Since I started investing a little more than half a decade ago, I have used different websites to invest, track and manage my portfolio. Navigating through these portals used to be a difficult experience. Especially since I didn’t know how to begin or what should be my purpose to invest. Should I be starting off with stocks or settle down with mutual funds?  As a wet behind the ears investor it used to be difficult for me to understand several terms.
However Edelweiss has to adhered to Mozart’s philosophy and have introduced Guided Portfolios (GPS) whose user interface makes investing unbelievably easy.
So what is Edelweiss GPS?
Edelweiss GPS is an algorithm based intelligent system which designs mutual fund portfolios for investors and guides them towards their financial goals through systematic investments. Confused? Don’t be! Keep reading.
What was the need for such a product?
Simply, to make things simple! Investing has historically been a high involvement process. Either you need to make sense of several research reports with numbers thrown about generously or be dependent on tips with doubtful fundamentals. What if something could address both these problems? That is what this platform does. It offers an informed recommendation after posing straightforward questions about your background and goals.
How does it work?

It works by making the process of investing easy. Click on Edelweiss.in.You will encounter pointed questions such as: I have some money and want to invest it OR I have a financial target and want to achieve it

If you fill up the blanks and choose the risk profile which suits you amongst low, medium and high.

Once you click on show me my portfolio, you would encounter the recommendations made by the product as well as how this portfolio has perfomed in the past:

The platform also offers the rationale for recommending this portfolio, performs a scenario analysis by comparing it with performance offered by regular fixed deposit and also predicts how the portfolio might shape up into after certain number of years.

The Indian markets are poised to achieve a multi year bull run and you might be worried about missing out. If that is the case, then sign up quickly with Edelweiss GPS and you would be fascinated by how it makes the entire experience of investing a breeze. 

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