Do you dread Sunday evenings? Not looking forward to Monday morning? Want to change this? Read on…

In a few hours, that scary looking monster will be here.

No, not him:


But this:


If you cannot make the co-relation you will be surprised.

That is because for many of us:


Are you one of those who:

a) Cannot understand how can anyone love what they do
b) Forwards messages over SMS, Watsapp and Facebook about the gloominess of getting back to work on a Monday morning.
c) Apart from Sundays and long weekends, the only time that you are cheerful is the day on which your salary gets credited.
d) Looks forward to update your CV and cover letter once a month?
e) Is tempted to switch off phone and get disconnected from ‘everyone at work’ while going on a holiday? Even though your inputs are critical.
f) Applies to opportunities posted on or any other similar website atleast twice a week.

If you have said yes to atleast two of these questions, then you are clearly unhappy with your job.

Many of us start working from the age of 20 and plan to do so till we are 60. Let us consider we might end up not working for anywhere between 6 months and 2 years during this period either due to a break for studies or forced leave due to a long illness/tragedy or a sabbatical for a back packing trip which might last a few months.

Inspite of these pauses, we would end up working 38 years of our lives.
This means we spend more than 119 crore seconds of our life working.
I used this to calculate.

Do you want to spend 119 crore seconds of your life doing something that you hate?

If you want to avoid this, do the following:

a) Challenge the status quo: Take up an opportunity which you always wanted to try. But couldn’t. I know what you would say. ‘Oh I had that education loan EMI to pay off’. ‘My household expenses will be affected if my income reduces’. ‘What will my family and friends think? That I have wasted twenty five years of my life doing something?’ Frankly, these questions will never end. And these questions are actually excuses. Speak up. Ask your family to support. You will be surprised by the outcome.

So do something like what Chandler did. If you didn’t get the context, please google F.R.I.E.N.D.S.+Chandler+Advertising
If you haven’t watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S., please do so immediately.
Rest of your life can wait! 😛

This will certainly help you find your calling.

b) Ask: If you among those who knows that moving from field A to field B will be better, then start asking. Ask your colleagues, your employer, boss, friends etc about how you can go from field A to field B. Find people in field B. Speak to them. Is field B just a case of the grass being green on the other side? Or will field B make you feel like Hugh Hefner?


c) Pursue a course: Although I am not a fan of higher education and would recommend slugging it out by getting your hands dirty, you can check out courses offered by reputed institutes which offer opportunities in the field you want to enter.

For example, Social Samosa conducts workshops in Social Media. You can check their offerings here:

d) Start learning on your own: I would certainly recommend this. A curious child with internet access (with parental controls :P) can learn a lot more than child going to school and having no access to the internet. Google and Youtube are the best teachers today.

For example if graphology excites you, check this out:

I would like to wrap this article up by quoting Voltaire: “The more I read, the more I acquire, the more certain I am that I know nothing.”

Please do share your comments.
Acerbic or encouraging.
But do comment!

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