Customer is not king

Almost everyone who knows about the word customer, would have heard about this: ‘Customer is king’.

This must surely rate as one of the most absurd beliefs of all time.

Some more absurd beliefs are:

1) Evolution is a myth
2) There is no global warming
3) One can eat a hearty meal in Mumbai for Rs 12.
4) One can eat a hearty meal in Delhi for Rs 5
5) One can eat a hearty meal in Srinagar for Rs 1
6) Pedophilia is not a criminal condition, it is a mental illness

Since I am a salesman, I feel this way whenever anyone passionately espouses that customer is king:


I feel it is wrong because of the following reasons:

1) A king will negotiate. But not haggle: Noticed a customer haggling over a few Rupees or Dollars? Treats your product/service as a commodity. Such a customer would refuse to take ROI (Return on Investment) into account. A customer who views the larger picture and does not insist on ‘right-pricing’ every six months or year is your king.

2) A king will be fair: If your customer admits that his team has been at fault as well, then this customer is a king. Otherwise expect to be badgered about the ‘non-user-friendliness’ of your software even if the customer’s team member thinks ‘out of the box’ like him:


3) A king will know what he wants:  Have you heard your customer say ‘I am not getting the expected results. Therefore I plan to discontinue your service’. You might be exasperated as you had offered the best possible service. In such a case, the customer doesn’t really know what he wants. So better to let him figure it out. You can wait till the customer has this moment:


So treat those customers who are kings as kings. The others can be treated like the Common Man.

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