Best finance courses for executives

best finance courses for executives
best finance courses for executives


Benjamin Franklin once said that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. And who better can understand the importance of this quote than a person who is trying to build a career in finance?

The National Skill Development Corporation has estimated that BFSI sector in India will require another 1.6 million skilled professionals by 2022.

However another reality is that out of 30 lakh graduates who join the Indian market every year only 5 lakh are considered employable. This scenario holds true for the BFSI sector as well since the need for skilled finance professionals is only ballooning.

Earlier there was not much one could do apart from securing a CA or MBA (Finance) qualification to create a promising career in finance. But today there are several options available. Talentedge is a leading education-tech company which offers various choices for pursuing the best finance courses for working executives. The options are such that they not only are offered in partnership with renowned institutions but also designed for a specific requirement in finance.

Let us check out some of the courses which are offered:

Applied Financial Risk Management – This is offered in partnership with IIM Kashipur. This course educates professionals on the different types of financial risks and the methods to manage them.

Corporate Finance for business managers – This course is offered in tie-up with XLRI Jamshedpur. As executives move up the ladder it becomes imperative for them to consider financial repercussions of their decisions. A range of topics such as financial analysis, project funding, business valuation etc are covered.

Equity Research and Company Valuation –Copal Amba has partnered with Talentedge to offer this course which can be consumed by any individual who also wishes to create a robust financial portfolio to secure his future. This will not only be helpful for prospective investors but also offer insights to individuals about how to value a company.

Advanced Financial Management – This course which is presented in partnership with XLRI Jamshedhpur teaches executives about the techniques to solve complex financial problems faced by organizations.

So what are the benefits of pursuing these courses from Talentedge?

  1. Live and Interactive – This is a live course which is offered through a digital platform. It is easy to interact with the instructor and one gets the feeling of being in a classroom environment albeit virtual.
  2. From the comfort of your office or home – You can purse these courses from the comfort of your home or office and do not need to waste time travelling to and fro.
  3. Partnerships with leading institutes – As written above, these courses are being offered in partnership with leading world class institutions such as XLRI Jamshedpur and IIM Kashipur.
  4. Top class educators – Highly accomplished and experienced faculty conduct these courses and make them interesting.
  5. Career advancement – Pursuing these courses and getting certified presents the individual as a proactive employee who is passionate about improving his skills. This would improve his chances of promotion or getting hold of better opportunities.

The courses are taught in an imaginative and interesting manner. More than 3 lakh individuals have learnt and benefited from the programs. Will you be next?

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