A fanboy’s review of the Moto E

Why do I like the Moto E?

And why would I recommend buying it?
Reasons are simple:
Price: I feel like this if I need to buy a phone priced at more than Rs 9,000
(Source: http://funnyjokesandsmss.blogspot.in/2011/01/share-khan-lkg.html)
The Moto E costs just Rs 6999 on Flipkart
Body: The build and feel of the phone is very premium. You will feel as if you are holding a phone worth Rs 15,000
Android OS (Kitkat): Best OS ever. Intuitive and Robust. 
Updates: Just be at a place where you have Wifi Connection and enable the phone’s wifi. All your applications will keep getting updated.
Gorilla Glass: This is a boon for those of us who are clumsy with our phones. The glass won’t crack. Period
Check out a video review of this phone here
Two cons are that the camera sucks and it is really hard to remove the cover! 🙁

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