6 ways to bag that job which you want!

Checked out an interesting job application on iimjobs?
What do you think are your chances?

A recruiter or a head hunter might get anywhere between 200 and 2000 applications for a single middle level position.
Which means your chances are between 1 out of 200 and 2000.

Theoretically, you have a better chance of getting a seat in Harvard or even an IIM rather than that job which has more than 200 applications!

Here are a few ways that can improve your chances:

a) Quantify your achievements: In our resume, most of us state that we increased revenue or decreased cost. Or worked on that project that was praised by leadership. How about including some numbers? Rather than stating your got more customers, you could write that you increased revenue by 500%. Obviously, this is assuming that you DID increase revenue by 500%. This is because your customer count might have just increased from 50 to 80. But the overall business from new customers would have increased by 500%.

b) Include a cover letter: I had once noticed a Head of Digital Marketing of one India’s biggest blue chip companies bemoan the fact that less than 5% of applicants had included a cover letter. And he wasn’t going to consider those without a cover letter. So there! 95% of competition is out!

c) Complete your Linkedin Profile: Here is a simple question. What do you do when you are introduced to someone? You immediately check their Linkedin profile. Dont you think the recruiter would also be doing this? Linkedin also enables you to directly apply to jobs with your Linkedin profile. So update it!

d) Brand YOU: Today you need to inform the world two things – What you know and Who you are. Use Twitter, Facebook and Blogger (or WordPress) to share your views with the world. It could be about anything. Treat your digital profiles as a brand. If you are an accountant, I am sure you must be thinking ‘What the hell? How can social media help me out?’. Well. Write about your subject! Or your passion. If you are stuck at a boring dead end job, this could also open up avenues!

e) Ask!: Many of us don’t ask! We don’t let our well wishers know that we are looking out. So just ask for help.

f) Stay connected: Remember meeting the Head of HR of that MNC in that conference in Bangalore? You even exchanged cards! Linkedin also notifies you about his birthday. Do you call to wish him? If you dont, then start doing it. Your greetings should be genuine. But an opportunity might just knock your door!

Meanwhile in USA,..

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