5 ways to become a star sales person

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Is this your first job in sales? Interested in closing deals right away? Here are a few ways by which you can become a prodigious sales person:

1) Human to Human: Understand that you are selling to a human being and not a company. People buy from other people. So smile at your prospect. Genuinely listen. And be interested in what the other person has to share.

2) Find a common ground with your prospect: Nobody likes a pushy sales person. But everyone likes to find common ground with another person. So once you find what your prospect likes to talk about, you have hit gold mine. Also one must be well read to find common ground. This takes us to my next point. Caveat: If you fake interest, the gold mine can turn into a coal mine.

3) Read: Read as much as possible. Blogs and books. About anything. Don’t restrict yourself.

4) Appearance is important: Wear good clothes. Polish your shoes. Apply a classy perfume. Nobody likes to spend time with an unkempt and smelly person.

5) Wish everyone you know on their birthday: Don’t you feel good when someone who hasn’t spoken to you for an year remembers your birthday?

I personally know someone who does most of this.
His name is Vijayant Dhaka.
And it is inspiring to see him in action!
Follow him @vijayantdhaka

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