3 things to do before meeting a prospect


If you are a sales person from India, you must have spent a long weekend celebrating Diwali and avoiding injuries! 😛

If you are a sales person from elsewhere and do not know about Diwali, I would urge you to read this

However, regardless of wherever you are from, but are a sales person; you must keep the following in mind before meeting a prospect:

a) Remind: Send an email/message or even call to remind the prospect about the meeting. This must be done a day in advance. There are chances that the prospect would have forgotten all about the meeting because she might be in this mood:

(Source: http://www.pgi.com/learn/rescheduled-again-5-techniques-salvage-cancelled-sales-call/)

b) Research: Today there is no excuse for not being knowledgeable. Except lethargy! Most individuals have a profile on atleast one of these social networking sites:

And most of it is available for free. So do try to find out whether you have a common friend or is the prospect a fan of Manchester United or if the prospect had flown to Manila last week! You will be amazed to know that only a small percentages of sales people spend time researching.

(Source: http://www.forbes.com/fdc/welcome_mjx.shtml)

c) Rehearse: Never underestimate the importance of preparation. One can either rehearse the meeting with the help of a colleague or mentally visualize the meeting. Create a list of questions that could be asked so that one can be in charge of directing the meeting rather than letting the prospect be in charge. Look at how Matthew Hayden would prepare for a match.

So Remind, Research and Rehearse!

The three Rs that should help you earn a lot of rupees!

Source: (http://www.123rf.com/photo_27613435_happy-young-business-woman-holding-indian-rupee-notes.html)

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