3 future trends in digital marketing

Hello there!

I foresee the following trending in the Indian digital marketing industry very soon:

a) Infographics:

It is always better to show an infographic than to define one
This is an infographic:
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(Source: http://infographicality.com/category/beautiful-infographics/page/4/)

I feel companies from the BFSI industry and Real Estate industry will find infographics useful.
This is because both sell products belonging to high involvement category.

Some of the benefits of infographics are:

a) Complex pieces of information is presented in a beautiful visual manner
b) Individuals spend a lot of time on infographics
c) Infographics can be promoted through various channels
d) First mover advantage: Not many brands in India are using infographics

b) Content marketing:

Just read this to understand ROI delivered by content marketing
Everybody loves to read a story.
Make sure you write an interesting one!

c) Review Videos:

I entered a search term in the Youtube search bar: Unboxing videos flipkart
Check out the top results: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=unboxing+videos+flipkart

None of these videos belong to Flipkart!

Eventually many brands would want to create video content exclusively for Youtube.
Although, presently, several are advertising on Youtube.

Just imagine the response that a crackling review video can get.
Check this

2 lakh + views and increasing.
Let us assume one percent is driven to the website.
2000 visits to the website and increasing.

With expert help, a video like this can be created for Rs 30,000.

This means you are paying Rs 15 per click (on the higher side)

And this number will keep decreasing over  a period of time as people keep coming back to watch videos and the reach of a popular video keeps increasing.

Do let me know what you think!

Source: http://becuo.com/happy-pigs

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